Experience and experts' examination


  • Stress, dynamic and life-time calculations of centrifugal and jet pumps.


  • The operating speed of a rotor of a small turbogenerator was mistakenly stepped up 50% (i.e. the corresponding centrifugal forces grew 125%). Results of our elastic-plastic calculations divided the parts of the rotor into reusable ones and new ones to be replaced.
  • Calculations of stiffness and of eigenvibrations of the rotor of the turbogenerator


  • Stress and life-time calculations of condensers, of condenser adapters, of bypass output into the condenser, of low- and of high-pressure heat exchangers
  • Stress and stability calculations, weight optimization of the boxes of the electrostatic dust-collecting equipment
  • Stress analyses of parts of water power plants and pumped-storage projects (turbogenerators, bearings, spherical valves, surge tanks)
  • Stress and stability calculations of the absorber of the resulphuring unit
  • Stress analysis of the regenerative air-heater
  • Search for leakage in boxes of dust-collecting equipment
  • Search for leakage of the steam oil-heater
  • Search for leakage in smoke-gas ducts
  • Expert opinion of reconstruction of the pumped-storage project in Dlouhe Strane (Czech Republic)
  • Static and dynamic analyses of the wind power plant 630 kW Mravenecnik (Czech Republic)
  • Expert opinion of the stiffening of the smoke-gas ducts


  • Assessment of the conditions and determining of the residual safe-life of propane pressure vessels
  • Stress and stiffness analyses of compensators


  • Stress analyses and safe-life prediction for over 70 apparatus of the nuclear power plant Temelin (Czech Republic - pumps, heat exchangers, coolers, filters, pressure vessels) including seismic loading
  • Seismic revaluation for numerous similar apparatus of the nuclear power plant Mochovce (Slovakia)
  • Static and dynamic calculations of the primary piping system of the experimental nuclear reactor in the Institute of the Nuclear Research in Rez (Czech Republic)
  • Determining input data of pressure vessels for subsequent stress analyses (loads: operation conditions, seismicity)
  • Analyses of tests on the pipe-line of the auxiliary cooling system
  • Stress analysis of the input socket of the steam generator of the nuclear power plant Dukovany (Czech Republic); load: internal pressure, repeated changes of the water temperature


  • Stress analyses of the high-pressure parts of the water-tube boilers (water tubes, boiler drums etc.) and of fire-tube boilers
  • Project of reconstruction of parts of steam boilers in power plants
  • Deformations and thermal dilatation of steam boilers and their supporting constructions
  • Thermal stress analyses of parts of steam boilers with improved tightness
  • Supervision of the assembly of the steam boiler of the 200 MW power plant
  • Reconstruction of parts of the steam boilers aiming to improve their tightness
  • On-the-spot inspection checks of steam boilers and relevant reconstruction projects
  • Stress analyses of steam headers and of the boiler heating surface


  • Comparison of two types of the cylinder-head sealing


  • Stress analysis of the pipe coupling SCHWING DN 125
  • Stress analyses of parts of valves
  • Stress and stiffness analyses of segment knee-joints and of tee junctions
  • Stress analyses and life-time assessments of high-pressure regulating steam valves
  • Stress analysis of spherical valves
  • Stress analyses of middle- and high-pressure steam pipes


  • Elastic stability analyses of the steel liner/lining of the chimney in the power plant in Opatovice (Czech Republic)
  • Project of the reconstruction of the smoke-gas duct with its supporting construction
  • Stress analysis of the supporting construction of the oil filter
  • Reconstruction, stress and stability analyses of the conveyer frame
  • Stress analyses of screen wall parts


  • Computer program specifying in the complex thermal and elastic check of bolt flange connections


  • Stress and fatigue analyses of parts of mining elevators (brakes, drums, shafts etc.)


  • Tightness of the sealing body in the casing
  • Calculations of deformations of several types of inner stator casing
  • Stress and deformation analyses of stator casings with different types of flanges
  • Optimization of the rotor shape at its tightening fins
  • Elastic-plastic analysis of the sealing ring
  • Elaboration of the computer program for deformation- and stress- analyses of nozzle plates
  • Elaboration of the computer program for axial displacements of rotors and casings of multicasing steam turbines
  • Stress analyses of bladed steam turbine discs
  • Stress analysis of the steam turbine casing
  • Analysis of the breakdown of the rotor of the small steam turbine in La Puebla (Spain)


  • Stress analyses and safe-life prediction of hermetic valves under operational and seismic load